Frequently Asked Questions

MARPRO solves personnel and expansion challenges of maritime companies.

Our team is special as it consists of specialists, whom have worked at sea or ashore for maritime companies or organisations. We have become experts within our fields and can therefore provide the customers and the candidates relevant advice throughout the recruitment process. We come from all sorts of different backgrounds, but we all share one common thing and that is, that we are passionate about our work and what we do for the candidates and the companies. This gives us the tool to be good at talking and listening to people we meet in our way, both candidates, customers, exhibitors etc.

As your recruitment and HR specialist and partner, the maritime companies should consider MARPRO as:

  • We will deliver am effective recruitment process
  • They will experience an easy, transparent, and qualitative recruitment process.
  • We will promote and sell the company to the candidates as if it was our own.
  • We will reduce hiring cost and hiring time.
  • We will deliver the best possible streamline of qualitative talents, which the company wouldn’t have access to.
  • We keep you updated in every single step of the process with all the relevant information without taking to much time of your core business.
  • Our recruiters understand your core business and can therefore identify the candidates that best fit into your company.
  • Our recruiters have a broad network in the maritime.
  • MARPRO enjoys of strong channels, which we use to promote our clients.

MARPRO commits to:

  • Approach every single candidate with discretion and respect
  • To guide, inform, support, and provide advice to every candidate regarding a job process.
  • Provide advice on how to make your chances as strong as possible, if not in the respective job process, in a future one.
  • Provide honest and constructive feedback and advice if not chosen for the job process.
  • To be transparent in the recruitment process.
  • We respect your data, offering full confidentiality. Our entire recruitment process is GDPR compliant.

It helps us put forward a brand to a relatively anonymous trade.

It helps us in becoming a partner of our customers instead of a mere supplier.

It makes the recruitment of personnel the wild west with recruitment companies not putting forward the best candidates but trying to beat the others to the punch.