Introduction to CrewSearch

CrewSearch is an integrated service specifically designed to facilitate the recruitment and selection of seafarers for your vessels or offshore assets. At MARPRO Group, we recognize the critical importance of finding qualified and competent crew members to ensure the smooth operation of any maritime venture. Through our comprehensive platform and meticulous process, we bridge the gap between seafarers and shipping companies, facilitating the ideal match for a seamless voyage.

Access to an extensive network of qualified seafarers: MARPRO Group boasts a vast global network and maintains an extensive database of highly skilled seafarers with diverse backgrounds and specialized expertise. We rigorously screen and verify candidates’ certificates and experience. Whether you require Ordinary Seafarers (OS), Able-Bodied Seafarers (AB), Deck/Engineer Officers, or specialized crew, our diverse talent pool is well-equipped to fill your vacancies and promptly join your vessels.

Experience in the maritime industry: CrewSearch is supported by our dedicated recruiters who possess in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in the maritime sector. MARPRO Group has been collaborating with ship-owning companies worldwide since 2017. Our commitment to staying abreast of the latest industry trends, regulations, and best practices sets us apart.

Streamlined recruitment process: Bid farewell to time-consuming hiring procedures. MARPRO Group´s CrewSearch simplifies the recruitment process by connecting you with the most suitable candidates, saving you valuable time and resources. A dedicated recruitment manager will be assigned to your company, exclusively focused on understanding your organization’s needs and presenting you with a list of qualified candidates. The candidates we recommend have already undergone our interview process and have been carefully assessed to ensure they meet your specific requirements, readily available to join your fleet.

Tailored solutions for shipping companies: We understand that each shipping company is unique and operates dynamically with distinct requirements. CrewSearch by MARPRO Group offers flexible and customizable solutions to adapt to your specific needs. Whether you require short-term contracts or long-term engagements, we provide adaptable seafarers to meet your vessel’s crewing demands.

Promoting your organization: Through CrewSearch, you not only gain access to qualified seafarers but also benefit from our proactive promotion of your company. We go the extra mile by actively promoting your organization through our channels and extensive network of maritime professionals. Acting as both an HR and marketing partner, we help enhance your visibility and boost your brand presence to attract qualified seafarers.

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