Blue Search & Selection

This service is designed to assist clients in identifying and hiring top talent for various non-executive positions, ensuring a successful match between candidates and the specific needs of the client’s organization.

Here are the key features of MARPRO Group´s service for non-executive recruitment:

  1. Needs assessment: MARPRO Group initiates the process by conducting a thorough needs assessment in collaboration with the client. They gather information about the role, responsibilities, required qualifications, and desired skills to develop a clear understanding of the client’s recruitment requirements.
  2. Candidate sourcing: Leveraging their extensive network and industry knowledge, MARPRO Group employs targeted candidate sourcing strategies. This includes tapping into their database of maritime professionals, utilizing online job boards, advertising positions, and leveraging their industry connections to attract a diverse pool of qualified candidates.
  3. Screening and assessment: MARPRO Group conducts a rigorous screening and assessment process to evaluate candidates’ suitability for the non-executive positions. This typically involves reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and assessing candidates against the specific job requirements and organizational fit.
  4. Shortlisting and presentation: Based on the screening and assessment results, MARPRO Group presents a shortlist of the most qualified candidates to the client. They provide detailed profiles, highlighting each candidate’s skills, experience, and potential fit for the role.
  5. Interview support: MARPRO Group assists in coordinating and scheduling interviews between the client and shortlisted candidates. They can provide guidance on interview techniques, develop interview questions, and support the entire interview process to ensure a smooth and effective experience for both parties.
  6. Reference checks: As part of their due diligence, MARPRO Group conducts reference checks on candidates to verify their professional background, skills, and performance. This helps clients make informed decisions and gain insights into the candidate’s past experiences and work ethic.
  7. Offer Negotiation and onboarding: Once the client has selected the preferred candidate, MARPRO Group can provide support in negotiating job offers, including compensation and other terms. They can facilitate open communication between the client and the candidate, ensuring a mutually beneficial agreement. MARPRO Group may also assist during the onboarding process to help the candidate transition smoothly into their new role.

By leveraging their industry expertise, network, and systematic approach, MARPRO Group´s services for non-executive recruitment aims to streamline the hiring process and connect clients with the most suitable candidates for their non-executive positions in the maritime industry.

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