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What is ballast water?

  Large cargo ships use ballast water to balance their weight and keep them stable during a voyage. Although it is essential for the safety of the ship, ballast water can be harmful to the marine environment as its discharge can release potentially invasive species into a new marine environment. Proper management and treatment of […]

Do you remember Jonas at Sea?

  Whales spotted • Dolphins spotted • Compostela de Santiago • Fantastic starry sky • Made first 3 schooltests • First laundry done (after 3 weeks. ‘it doesn’t smell so good in our cabin, because I had put a wet towel in my laundry bag the second day’) • Arrival at Tenerife The farewell The […]

Shipping’s progress towards decarbonisation

  The ‘Climate Action in Shipping Report – Progress towards Shipping’s 2030 Breakthrough’ assesses progress towards its 2030 breakthrough goals and states that there is “significant progress, especially in terms of commitments by industry, national governments, and positive developments at the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The 5 per cent goal can be viewed as a breakthrough […]

A gamechanger for a green Europe

  New mandatory reporting of environmental and social performance for all companies would be a ‘gamechanger’ for green finance in Europe, says Transport & Environment (T&E), a member of the EU’s official expert group, the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG). T&E, along with other NGOs, has called on the European Commission not to cave into […]

The energy transition is like a rubber band

  Making waves In this section, you’ll hear from people who are committed to a smart and sustainable port of Rotterdam, and our planet as a whole. Let them inspire you and help make that a reality. “We need to start paddling in time. That way we’ll get to ride the green energy wave”, says […]

The Nigeria 26 – unfairly criminalised seafarers

  The 26 seafarers are currently being held in Nigeria and face charges for alleged involvement in oil theft and ‘faking’ a piracy attack in breach of the Suppression of Piracy and Other Maritime Offences Act. However, the ships owners have confirmed that there has been no unlawful activity. The treatment and welfare of the […]

How to address seafarers’ COVID-19 challenges?

  The COVID-19 pandemic posed severe challenges for flag states, port authorities, shipping- and crewing companies. Crew changes were severely hindered since international shipping and Governments were unable to facilitate crew changes and unable to respond effectively to these challenges. Restrictions and delays of crew changes and repatriation, including the measures implemented by countries, brought […]

25 reasons why your cargo is delayed?

  Current maritime supply chains are not well optimised due to operational difficulties caused by an inefficient management of logistics and vessel operations and navigation, not taking into consideration force majeure events. Who, if not a logistician, most often hears the question “Why is my cargo late”? Are all logisticians (or even half of them) […]

Survived 11 days on a ship’s rudder

  An incredible photo shared on Twitter by the Spanish coastguard on Tuesday, 29 November 2022, went viral. Three men are photographed sitting on the rudder of an oil tanker with their feet hanging just a few inches above the waterline. The three migrants were found miraculously alive by Spain’s Maritime Rescue Service after the […]

MARPRO’S top 10 hot maritime jobs

  MARPRO Search & Selection is a global specialist in recruitment in Shipping and Maritime. We connect our business partners with relevant talented employees or suitable business partners globally, ensuring potential candidates are matched to the right jobs. In fact, since 2017 MARPRO has been providing job opportunities for maritime & shipping professionals, helping them take […]