About MARPRO Group

At MARPRO Group, we are your gateway to maritime talent. Whether you’re a maritime company seeking exceptional professionals or a skilled individual searching for the next career opportunity, we connect the right talent with the right employers. Our extensive network and industry-specific expertise ensure a seamless recruitment process, making us the preferred choice for maritime staffing solutions.

Below, you will find a more detailed description of MARPRO Group.


Partnership: We foster positive, inclusive, and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, creating a win-win dynamic built on learning and collaboration.

Integrity: Our foundation is unwavering honesty, trustworthiness, and transparency, ensuring we consistently do what’s right, even when no one is watching.

Passion: Our relentless passion drives us to excel, inspire, and make a lasting impact through hard work and dedication.

Quality: We uphold the highest standards, delivering top-tier candidates to meet our partners’ recruitment needs.


MARPRO maintains a rigorous Code of Conduct, comprising general principles and mandatory requirements that govern the behavior of our employees. These guidelines embody our commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct in all our operations.

  1. Integrity: Our word is sacrosanct. We steadfastly uphold the principles of honesty, reliability, and ethical behavior in all our dealings.
  2. Commitment: We demand and deliver unwavering commitment to excellence. We expect full dedication from our employees, ensuring the highest level of service.
  3. Client-Centric Excellence: Our foremost priority is the best interests of our clients. We tirelessly strive to deliver exceptional results that align with their objectives.
  4. Confidentiality: We uphold the utmost degree of confidentiality, ensuring the safeguarding of sensitive information at all times.
  5. Ethical Partnerships: We exercise discernment in our collaborations, avoiding engagement with companies that have a history of unethical business practices, thereby safeguarding our ethical integrity.
  6. GDPR Compliance: We respect and adhere to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), ensuring the privacy and rights of all individuals involved in our operations.

The MARPRO Code of Conduct reflects our unwavering commitment to conducting business with integrity, excellence, and respect for all stakeholders. These principles guide our actions, ensuring that we consistently provide the highest level of service and uphold ethical standards in all our endeavors.


At the heart of our mission is the establishment of enduring, value-driven partnerships with our esteemed clientele. We are unwavering in our dedication to providing exceptional service, whether it be in the realms of recruitment, promotion, or events. Our company is fundamentally rooted in data-driven decision-making, and our maritime expertise is not just a characteristic but a deeply ingrained aspect of our identity. We are committed to serving our customers with unwavering excellence and dedication, ensuring that their long-term success is our paramount goal.


We are steadfastly committed to becoming the foremost global partner of choice for maritime enterprises, providing comprehensive services encompassing recruitment, promotion, and events. Our strategic objective is to establish a robust local presence in key maritime hubs across the globe. This local presence forms the foundation upon which we build our global reach and insights, grounded in deep-rooted expertise, cultural awareness, and linguistic proficiency unique to each region.

Central to all our endeavors is an unwavering passion for the sea and the maritime industry. This profound affinity guides and unites us in our pursuit of excellence, ensuring that we consistently deliver unmatched value to our partners and clients worldwide.

Our Privacy Policy

MARPRO takes data protection very serious. Read more in our official Privacy Policy.


At MARPRO, we hold an unwavering commitment to the principles of respect, integrity, and inclusivity in all our interactions. Our responsibility is to treat all individuals with the utmost respect at all times, irrespective of their gender, religion, nationality, age, sexual orientation, or any other distinguishing characteristic.

In every facet of our business, including our job processes, we conduct ourselves with the highest levels of integrity and ethical conduct. We provide equal access to our job opportunities, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background or characteristics, has the opportunity to apply and be considered fairly.

Furthermore, we actively promote articles and content highlighting the contributions of women in the maritime industry. Recognizing that the maritime sector is traditionally male-dominated, we see these articles as powerful tools for inspiring young women and encouraging more women to pursue careers or studies within the maritime field. These articles serve as valuable role models, advocating for greater gender diversity and inclusivity within our industry.


MARPRO is dedicated to actively contributing to a more sustainable world through a multifaceted approach. Our commitment begins with our operational practices, which are primarily conducted online, with minimal physical meetings, thereby significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

However, sustainability is not limited to large-scale actions; it starts with the conscientiousness of our daily work habits:

Environmental Sustainability:

  1. Paperless Operation: We strictly adhere to a “no print” policy, operating as a paperless company.
  2. Remote Work Policy: Our official work-from-home policy encourages remote work for our employees, reducing unnecessary commuting.
  3. Energy Conservation: We exercise prudence in energy usage, considering the necessity and optimization of energy consumption.
  4. Supply Chain Sustainability: MARPRO evaluates its supply chain to identify and act on opportunities to integrate sustainability practices.

Social Sustainability:

  1. Supporting Maritime Non-Profit Organizations: We actively collaborate with and promote maritime non-profit organizations through our marketing channels.
  2. Seafarer Well-being: We engage in partnerships and promotions of organizations dedicated to enhancing the well-being of seafarers.
  3. Empowering Maritime Women: We actively support and promote organizations that empower women in the maritime industry.
  4. Advocating Sustainable Economic Growth: We highlight companies that champion sustainable economic growth, showcasing their contributions to a more sustainable world.

MARPRO’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond words, reflecting our dedication to actively participating in initiatives that foster environmental and social sustainability, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for all.